Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Writing Courses

Hi again,

This time we're going to look at the various courses I'm offering. Loads of other writers run courses too but I can best talk about my own and what I hope the writers attending will achieve. With this in constant mind, I wrote 'Writing for Success' which is a how-to book for writers covering the Irish market.

Each course I convene is geared:
  • to recognise the talent of every writer attending
  • to nurture that talent
  • to help that writer to realise thier writing potential.
Writers are as individual as their fingerprints. And writing is a skill that can be acquired by those who want it enough to persevere., to have patience and to enjoy working and re-working words.

Some people have a natural bent towards short stories - frequently students say they can't write more than, say, 2000 words but dream of writing a novel. I feel I have succeeded in my mission when they break that 2000 barrier!

Others are dubious about how to create and develop characters throughout their work, perhaps, they have no trouble with physical attributes but baulk at emotional landscaping; more writers have difficulty with plotting; then there are those who need tips on how to come up with the best locations for their action. They can and they do break through these barriers.

And that's only the fiction end of writing which covers short stories, all genres of novels and plays. We also look at writing non-fiction which through less favoured with beginner writers can be easier to get published.

My Courses are:

'The Nuts & Bolts of Writing'
Venue: UCD Carysfort Campus, Blackrock, Co Dublin
Dates: Wednesday mornings 30September - 2 December (www/ucd.ie/adulted)

'Writing Non-Fiction & Getting it Published' (Writing for Success)
Venue: Fingal Blanchardstown Library
Date: Saturday 26 September 2009

'Writing Fiction'
Venue: Seanachai Centre, Listowel
Dates: Friday 16, Saturday 17, Sunday 18 October 2009

'The Plot Thickens'
Venue: UCD Carysfort Campus, Blackrock, co Dublin
Dates: Wednesday mornings 27 January 2010 - 31 March 2010

'The Business of Writing'
Venue: UCD Belfield Campus, Dublin 4
Date: Saturday 27 February 2010

I hope to see you at some of these courses. In the meantime, please feel free to make contact if you've any queries.

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