Friday, January 1, 2010

10 Commandments of 10 Minute Productivity

Another year, another decade. Here's wishing you all wonderful WRITING.

I’m constantly told by people who say they want to write that they don’t have the time!!! So here are some ways which I call THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF 10 MINUTE PRODUCTIVITY. I utilise this method to give me the two-hour block of time that I favour for writing.

Usually over the course of a day, I'll have several ten-minute bursts of spare time. I've got into the habit of using these minutes productively by developing a list of ten things to do with ten minutes. When I've time to spare, I run down this list.

1. Make a Phone Call
Most of us usually have someone we should call. Ten minutes allows you to follow up on something, make a plan, or just catch up with a friend. Earmark the longer time you might have spent chatting to WRITE.

2. Cook
If you've a few minutes, make yourself some food, either for now or for later. WRITERS must take care of their health.

3. Nap
I'm a huge proponent of cat-naps, and they work. The simple act of closing your eyes, clearing your head and relaxing is hugely beneficial. You'll be rejuvenated, in a better place to WRITE.

4. Read Something
Keep a reading list accessible of things you want to read or watch, and plow through a few of them in spare moments. Grist to the mill of your WRITING.

5. Write Emails
This is much the same as phone calls. In ten minutes you can write several emails. Makes other people happy, and makes you feel more productive. Win-win - putting you in a good mood for WRITING.

6. Strike Up a Conversation
You might meet someone fascinating that you can use in your WRITING.

7. Clean Up
The single most productive thing I do during these times is organize. In ten minutes, it's ridiculous how much filing can be done; email purging and sorting; desk-clearing. Ten minutes is plenty of time to make a dent in even the biggest piles of junk. Tidy surroundings maximise WRITING.

8. Brainstorm
Brainstorming and mind mapping are great. Just start writing - what do you have to do? What ideas do you have? Only having ten minutes makes WRITING ideas fly out.

9. Stumble is an intelligent browsing tool, a mecca of ideas. ‘Stumbling’ is a great way to expose yourself to interesting Web tidbits, as aids to WRITING

10. Journal
Keep a journal of the high- and low-lights of the day – jotting down the first things that come to your mind, an invaluable source of WRITING information

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