Saturday, July 3, 2010


The two launches of 'A Type of Beauty, the story of Kathleen Newton 1854-1882' went off better than I thought possible with many books sold. The reviews are good, feedback great, interest rising and sales doing well. I am delighted, and the golden days of summer are truly here.

I don’t know if you’re like me, but whenever I go on holidays, particularly in Ireland where excess baggage is not a problem, I bring with me all the books that I wanted to read during the course of the year but didn't have the time to.

I don’t Kindle - yet; nor do I iPad - yet; I love the physicality of a beautiful book with good quality paper and easy to read, attractive print as much as I do a terrific handbag.

These attributes maximize my reading pleasure. I want to feel the pages of a book between my fingers; to lightly pencil notes in the margin; underline passages to read again later; I want to look at a book’s cover and admire its artwork and to know its pages will absorb the scents of my holiday place.

The books I've read this summer are memorable: Joseph O'Connor's haunting 'Ghost Light'; 'East of the Sun', set gloriusly in India, by Julia Gregson; 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' Stieg Larsson's dazzling novel which everyone who's anyone seemed to have read last year and now I can wait to read the others in the trilogy; my two non-fictions are the biography of Coco Chanel by Axel Madsen - awe-inspiring in its research, and Sylvia Beach's Shakepeare & Company, the story of the famous Paris bookstore.

Next month I'm looking at the rapidly growing website that is drawing in writers:

In the meantime, keep writing and enjoy reading...

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