Monday, November 1, 2010


The time has changed. Officially winter has arrived. No there's no excuse not to get down and write all those ideas that are spinning around in your head.

Invariably, the writers I work with are aiming for publication - there is nothing like holding a copy of your own book. But in the current climate what we know as traditional publishing - submitting completed mss to a publisher, being assigned an editor, getting a contract and having everything from then on done for you - is becoming increasingly difficult for the emerging writer and indeed for writers whose books don't sell in the telephone number quantities.

But all is not lost. Far from it. The way I see it is that there are more publishing opportunities than ever.

Of recent times I've been looking into digital publishing and it seems the way to go. I attended an interesting evening organised by IrishPEN ( in the Dublin's United Arts Club; as well as a Seminar on Self-Publishing run by InkWELL(, and The Historical Novel Society ( Conference in Manchester. At all of these digitalised self-publishing was the hot topic.

Eoin Purcell ( was a speaker at both IrishPEN and the InkWELL Seminar. He is a publishing consultant, blogger, book lover and publisher. He also runs Irish Publishing News, an e-newsletter which has all the latest news about Irish publishing, and is worth looking into.

He believes the key to the change in publishing is in print-on-demand technology, and I'm firmly with him on that. Print-on-demand or POD allows prospective self-publishers to typeset, design and upload pdf files of their work onto self-publishing websites. Sales of books can either be on line or the author can have copies printed to fulfil firm orders.

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