Sunday, June 19, 2011


It's good to have something positive to report on the publishing front.

The good news is that both Eileen Gormley and Caroline McCall are in celebratory mode.

I first met these dedicated writers when they were starting out. They came with gritted-teeth determination to my writing course as part of UCD's Adult Education Programme, and over the past few years they have persevered and learned the craft of writing.

Like most other skills, writing requires the serving of an apprenticeship when the writer discovers what works, what doesn't work and learns to apply this knowledge to their work. In the course of this, they find their writing voice.

Eileen Gormely whose novel Don't feed the Fairies was shortlisted for Amazon Book of the Year, is now digitally published by Fantasy Island Book Publishers in the States who plan to bring out a paperback edition in 2012.

Caroline McCall's w/t:Everything beneath the Sky is being published by Ellora's Cave, again in the States, and she's almost finished her next, w/t: Jake's Prisoners.

Neither of these writers are resting in their laurels: they are well into a body of work which in the current publishing climate, and with the cost of marketing, is what publishers want to know.

Good luck to them. And for those of you interested in achieving similar success, a talent for writing counts but success is 90% dedication and hard work.

I'm back in UCD in the autumn with a new course titled: The Nuts & Bolts of Writing and Plotting Fiction. It's a beginning for people interested in writing.

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