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Pic: In action - Spring Class of 2011

Hello writers and would-be writers,

Its this time of year again - UCD's Adult Education Programme is just out, and I'm offering two courses which are either stand-alone or can be combined. They are aimed at writers who want to write fiction. Already with these and similarly directed courses we've had great succeses - award winners, published authors across a wide span of genres - comtemporary, thriller, crime, historical, etc.

(i) The Nuts & Bolts of Writing & Plotting Fiction – 10 weeks (Autumn, Belfield Campus Wednesday Mornings)

Course Description:
The purpose of this course is to assist writers to find and use their fictional voice to achieve their writing dreams. Writing is based on a combination of life experiences (nuts) and imagination (bolts). This course facilitates the discovery of creativity and its use to put the nuts and bolts of life into writing in a structured way which is where Plotting comes in. Focus is on: storylines, structuring, various methods of plotting and locations, as well as narration and dialogue. Areas covered include short stories, novels and plays. Sessions arranged to allow time for writing and constructive analysis.

(ii) Building Story People – Creating Fictional Characters - 6 weeks (Spring, Belfield Campus, Wednesday Mornings

Course Description:
Characters are the royalty of fiction. No matter what sort of fiction you write, your story has to be populated with characters. The majority of characters, if not all, have to be created from scratch. While there is no instant solution to the creation of memorable fictional characters, there are tried and tested Do’s and Don’t’s. That’s what we’ll explore during this course. The sessions are arranged to allow time for writing and constructive analysis.

If you're interested in attending log onto to make your booking; if you would like further information or to discuss your work, contact me on:

I look forward to seeing you......

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