Saturday, February 25, 2012


One of the many privileges of the work I do is that occasionally a writer, perhaps unknown to me, sends me a copy of their latest book. This happened recently. I returned from a trip to find not only one but two books: Book 1 and Book 2 of Dr Jan Taki's first foray into fiction.

His titles are Kembali - Return of the Mystic and Kembali - Into Unchartered Waters. Book 3 is due to be launched within the next few months.  These beautifully written stories are thought-provoking and gripping. It is well worth taking a wander through the Magic Forest with its Dragon and Unicorn which may be beyond our conception of reality, as may be the worlds of Malaysian and Indonesian magic with Sky Walkers and Talking Ants. Taki's stories are indulgent fantasies of  delight.

Dr Taki is self-publishing and aiming for the e-book market in the future. Originally from Singapore but now living in Ireland, he is a medical doctor and practitioner of accupuncture, as well as writing poetry, painting, student of martial arts and a linguist.

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