Monday, March 19, 2012


I am frequently asked about poetry. Poetry has a high profile  in Ireland, currently much higher than than short and long narrative fiction. Poets are beloved of media and public alike, and have platforms at the literary get-togethers at the various workshops and festivals that take place throughout Ireland.

I have to decline to comment on poetry, as I don't know what's regarded as good and what's bad. But I do enjoy reading it and my taste varies from contemporary to the work of poets from centuries past.

Out of the Fog, an Illustrated Poetry Collection, is Galway-based dentist Brian O'Connell's second anthology. His first was Inside. Both are published by Blurb ( and available to read or/and to buy from that website. Illustrations are by his wife, Pam, a successful artist in her own right and who has showed internationally.

The verses in Out of the Fog are dark, short, poignant and cut-to-the-quick. Titles include Shadow, Invitation beyond Pain, funeral, Bi-Polar, Lazarus. There is no laugh-aloud or feel-good factor in them. They are sparsely written, with each appropriate word moving forwad the subject matter.

Brian O'Connell and his poetry would be a welcome addition at any of the many poetry festivals that will be taking place throughout the country over the next few months.

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