Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer Term: Editing

Good news from UCD's Adult Education - we're breaking ground by running courses during summer term. And  here are four weeks of intensive editing. This course complements previous 'Anatomy' courses, but also stands alone.

Title: Anatomy of Successful Editing - 17 April to 8 May 2013

In order to bring your writing or anyone else’s writing to a professional standard and particularly if you are aiming for publication of a potential bestseller, you need to acquire the ability to objectively overview and edit or re-write proficiently. While it can be difficult for writers to do a final edit on their own work, they are advised never to send out their manuscript until it is as good as they can make it. Editing is a skill that can and should be part of every writer’s talent bank
Professional editing can divided into:
(i)                Structural Editing: As well as over-view of whole, structural editing ensures structure of story, point of entry, arc of plot and development of characters with regard to plot and timescale maximising and enhancing the story. Structural Editing also makes sure loose-ends are drawn together before the resolution, and that the story throughout is in keeping with the mood of genre and era.
(ii)              Copy Editing: frequently emerging writers consider copy editing to be the only type of editing. It involves syntax, grammar, punctuation, style, technique, as well as analyzing choice of words, phrases and dialogue.
During this 4-week course we de-mystify the process of editing. The course is suitable for writers who have a body of work for editing or people interested in acquiring editing skills.

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