Monday, May 21, 2012

More Sadness for the Irish Book Publishing Industry of Irish Booksellers

Irish booksellers say shops will close and jobs go as a result of the library services contract, worth €950,000, going to Bertrams, a large British firm which will provide both adult fiction and non-fiction to libraries in the Dunaloghaire/Rathdown, South Dublin and Fingal areas.

It is the first time councils bundled their library services into one big contract and Irish booksellers are fearful other authorities will do the same. Booksellers argue, and rightly so, that it is environmentally inefficient for Bertrams to import books from Ireland, apply library date labels, stamps and barcodes; cover or laminate teh books, and then ship back to Dublin. Even worse it looks as though Irish publishers could be expected to give bigger discounts to Bertrams as a wholesaler.

Dunlaoghaire/Rathdown is unaplogetic, saying it is legally obliged to pursue EU procurement procedures when buying library books.

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