Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Veiled Woman of Achill

For writers, readers and the writing community, there’s noting quite like the launch of a new title .Recently launched in Limerick was Patricia Byrne’s The Veiled Woman of Achill, published by Collins Press, Cork.  Patricia writes poetry, fiction and non-fiction. She has worked in enterprise and regional economic development in the mid-west  of Ireland.

The Veiled Woman of Achill is set in the 1890s. A true playboy drama, it tells the story of landowner Agnes MacDonnell’s brutal attack and the burning of her home, Valley House, on Achill Island. Her attacker was a tenant, James Lynchehaun, the island’s wild man. The crime, trial and escapes as well as the island tensions of the time are expertly captured by Byrne who has a family interest in the story. Her great granduncle wrote extensive journals, including his account of the life of James Lynchehaun, and accounts of several fundraising trips across the United States.

Byrne writes robustly and with attention to historical detail.

If you’re interested in a good Famine read, The Veiled Woman… won’t disappoint.

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