Wednesday, July 4, 2012


The current edition of The Author carries a most interesting titbit of Irish literary information - heartening for writers whose publishers are debating the commerciality of publishing their manuscript.

Apparently our Office of Public Works commissioned Dr Desmond McCabe in 2002 to write a history of the OPW. The completion date was 2004 and the budget a whopping  €76,184. Time passed and costs mounted to €400,000. Dr McCabe's request to extend the deadline to 2019 led to the decision to scrap the project. 

But  our canny OPW thought again; it could not allow all to be lost. So in October 2011 a book titled St Stephen's Green 1660-1875 by Dr Desmond McCabe emerged from the ashes of the project.

Copies retail at €35. To date less than 500 have been sold. The net cost to each Irish taxpayer works out at €900. Nice work Dr McCabe, if you can get it!

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