Friday, July 13, 2012


I'm hoping to attend the Historical Novels Society's conference in London which takes place at the University of Westminster over weekend of 29/30 September.

The society is primarily USA-based but has a strong UK arm. Courtesy of the indefatigable Dianne Trimble we have an Irish arm - democratically operated too as we meet in both Belfast and Dublin.

HNS's London conference has an incredible line up of authors and industry experts with loads of opportunities for networking and socialising, as well. With the changing face of publishing we writers need to know everything we can about the industry...and more.

Speakers include Sarah Dunnat, internatonal bestselling author of 11 novels, translated into 30 languages: J D Davies, author of ‘The journals of Matthew Quinton’, series of naval historical fiction and Elizabeth Chadwick, author of 20 award-winning novels.

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