Sunday, July 15, 2012


When I was a regular contributor Sunday wouldn't be Sunday without listening with ear glued to Sunday Miscellany. Then with the passage of time I moved onto other writing and stopped contributing. However I caught the programme this morning. It's magic remains potent, with some well remembered broadcasters like Cyril Kelly and Mae Leonard still contributing as well as a range of new voices.

I think fondly of Sunday Miscellany, one of RTE 1's longest running, most successful and best loved programmes. After all it was where I cut my broadcasting teeth under the generous wing of Maxwell Sweeney, producer at the time. He brought me to the radio centre and with the greatest of patience explained the difference between writing features pieces for newspapers and magazines, which I was doing at the time, and for the listened word. He taught me well as I went on to write scores of SM pieces, made radio documentaries and wrote a few plays as well as short stories, all for the radio.

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