Tuesday, August 7, 2012


UCD's Adult Education Programme 2012-  arrived today  in the post, with 'Opening Worlds' as its tagline. It's thicker than ever, crammed with all sort of wonderful courses that will open participants' minds to unlimited possibilities. That's what I love about adult education - truly the syndrome of lifelong learning.

This year I've a new course titled Anatomy of Writing Successful Fiction with focus over the 3 terms interlinked and complimentary, running from September to May. My idea is that those attending Carysfort Campus on Wednesday mornings from 10 o'clock to noon - coffee break too - will end the year with a book, if they so wish.

Yes, a completed book. But participants will have to work as novels don't write themselves!!!

Over the first term we're looking at Plotting & Planning, the current trend in publishing being away from primarily character-led fiction and into page-turning plot. But as writers we can't get away from Characters and setting various scenes in the right Locations adds immensely to any story; so over the second term our title is People & Places. And I am delighted to be able to tell all of you who so often ask - we've a few intensive weeks of Editing in the third term.

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