Friday, August 31, 2012


This day next month, all being well and places being filled, we'll have had our first session of The Anatomy of Writing Successful Fiction - Plots & Plans in Carysfort Campus on Wednesday 26 September. It's part of UCD's Adult education programme

The more I think about this course, the more pleased I am that over the year from September to May we will have the opportunity to complete and self-edit a work of long fiction. Of course, that's for those attending who wish to achieve that. Others may just want to write short pieces or short stories and feel their way along the many pathways of writing.

One aspect of these Wednesday mornings I'm sure of is that the combustive power of the group will benefit anyone even remotely interested in writing. You can' get but be caught up in the heady joy of creating...

So until the 26th of next month at 10 o'clock....

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