Thursday, September 6, 2012


Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing writing things right; I wonder if I'm getting through to the writers who attend my seminars/classes/online; wonder if I'm acknowledging and directioning their talent. When I receive a "thank you" like the one below from Vincent who is a joy to have in the group, it has me re-doubling my efforts.

'It is nearly two years since I first attended your Nuts and Bolts class, attracted by the title and falling into the category of “would-be writer with an unquenchable drive to write but lacking ideas and devoid of creativity and imagination”.

I remember some things you said to the letter, some less so and some not at all. I have tried most of the techniques you gave us, discarded some, adapted others and embraced the remainder. Allowed to do so by “THERE ARE NO RULES” message you preached.

One of the first things you told us was to aim to write for two hours per day. At that stage twenty minutes was probably the most I could manage at a sitting and if I managed to do two hours writing in total before the following week’s class I would be doing well.

That did not mean I did not mull over the task in hand over the full week, thinking about the way I would approach the homework before ensuring in was completed over the Tuesday night / early Wednesday morning. I tried to get a routine going aiming for 30 minutes a day to start, and then build up to the two - and completely failed.

Without the classes I found that I lacked the discipline to write and my writing fell away completely between terms.

Then in March I decided to aim for fifty hours per month – with the self-imposed threat hanging over my head that I would cease writing altogether if I did not reach the target. This was a manageable target and one that allow me to miss a day now and again. I am pleased to say that I have now managed to get my 50 hours for the fifth consecutive month. And a day doesn’t seem right if I don’t put in at least some time.

This is a rather long-winded way of saying thank you. I hope you can recognise the success you have achieved in getting me to this stage as much as getting others to a much higher plane.'

'Nuff said...

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