Friday, September 7, 2012


According to the Sunday Times - main section - Shades of ...
is the biggest publishing phenomenon since Harry Potter hit
the bookshelves.

But no longer is EL James, the English housewife author of
those Shades having it all her own way. In a surprising move
for such a traditional publisher Penguin Ireland commissioned
two Dublin women from to write an Irish equivalent.

Eileen Gormley and Caroline McCall took the call to arms seriously. They spent much of the summer locked in writing combat battling to get the required 95,000 words. In keeping with the dedicated writers they are, they succeeded.

The Pleasures of Winter is scheduled to lift sales of the Christmas market for Penguin who has not had a happy summer and autumn sales-wise. Meanwhile Eileen and Caroline, prolific and skilled writers of various genres, are busy penning another...Well we'll just have to wait and see.....Won't we?

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  1. Bought the book yesterday morning and finished it last night at 1.30. Very good book. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Hoping for more from these writers very soon.