Monday, October 1, 2012


The Historical Novel Society held its 2012 conference in the University of Westminser in the heart of London. A great weekend was had by all the 200 plus delegates primarily from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the USA.

Information was exchanged, tales told, publishers and agents analysed, book sales scrutinised, trays of sandwiches devoured and a great time had by all.

Phillipa Gregory one of the keynote speakers defined HF as a narrative of the past, with facts as a starting point. She gladdened the audience's heart stating that being the story of inner life, growth, maturity and feelings, the novel is he finest form of art. Sure didn't we all know that - but nice to have it confirmed.

Main Panel Sessions with Q & A were the topical What Sells HF? The Lying Art - tensions and issues at the fact/fiction interface;  Brawn v Heart and The Many Faces of HF. The panelists were lively mix throwing out tips on getting published, the current market, the power of sandals, sand and sword v the Tudors, and the situation regarding e-books and their marketing came up again and again.

More tomorrow.....

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