Monday, April 8, 2013


For the next number of weeks my Writers' Blogs are for anyone and everyone interested in writing fiction

The question I’m most frequently asked is: How can I get published?
There aren’t any mystical ingredients, no closely guarded publishing secrets. But there are certain practical steps which make
for proficient writing, professional presentation and, hopefully, getting published.
The facts and tips I provide are only the tip of the iceberg of the immense amount of information that’s available on writing. But they are what I know; and the steps I've taken to have a variety of books published and translated.
Emerging writers are often so busy wanting to have a life as a writer that they forget they have to have a life to write about. 
So here are a few exercises to get you started
Set aside fifteen minutes. Put on a favourite a piece of music - soothing works better than heavy metal. Writing in longhand, describe a situation in your life that you are currently trying to metabolise. If nothing comes to mind, listed are a few key ideas: 
  • Coping with my boss’s moods
  • My anger at my sister/brother/mother/father/best friend/lover/husband
  • Dealing with toddlers/teenagers
  • Living with my lover/husband/wife
  • Should I buy that Harley Davidson/mountain bike/skateboard/designer outfit?
 Well done. You’ve crossed the first hurdle. Those scenarios are all tension-making. If you can get into the habit of writing tension-laden rather than internal-dialogue heavy fiction, you’re halfway there.

If you wish you may send your exercise to I'll comment on and publish the best.

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