Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Price of Desire

The Price of Desire is the title of producer Mary McGuckian's film about
Eileen Gray's relationship with Le Corbusier, details of which
Le Corbusier murals
One of Le Corbusier's murals
will be announced at Cannes Film Festival later this month.

Gray was the toast of Europe for her innovative designs and completion of E.1027, regarded today as the first modern house. Le Corbusier was the most talked about architect of the era. They locked creative horns over what she saw as his despoilment of the pristine of the walls of villa by his eight sexually explicit murals.

In these straightened times funding can be a problem, one which McGuckian has overcome by using Kickstarter crowd-funding to ensure the restoration of the villa, where several scenes will be shot. For those with movie-star aspirations, a pledge of $5,000 will get you the role of telegram boy or girl bringing to Gray the news of the ill health of her lover Jean Badovici (to whom she gifted E.1027)

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