Thursday, February 13, 2014


Our second session of spring term in UCD went well with a full complement of students, despite the driving rain, gusting wind and puddles of flooding.

The first exercise was to use someone we knew as our template, list their physical characteristics, the way they dressed/moved, objects they owned; then we went through that description and marked the items that best give a clue to their personality. The test question is 'why' about something mentioned. It has to be remembered that objects aren't clues to anything. Inexpressive details have to be jigged to become clues to personality.

Next came the rewriting bearing above in mind and adding to the character's personality by borrowing characteristics from another person.

Writing can be as joyous - as this!!!
Writing can be as joyous as this.
Getting the writers to start with a person know to them has the advantage that they are working from something familiar towards guesswork/invention.

Initially there was the expected grumbling - it's a tedious exercise - but by the end of the two hours there was a palpable sense of satisfaction and smiles all around. What more could I want?

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