Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WRITING FICTION - CHARACTERS (3) - Writing Feelings into Fiction

Writing feeling into fiction is a source of great energy, but it can be difficult. One way to get the most out of the energy locked into feeling is to put the feeling inside a character.

Creativity in Action!
With February sunshine beaming golden in the window, focus during this session was on breathing emotions and feelings into the characters we'd created over the past week. This is where creativity has full rein.

While the physical aspects of fictional character/s are important, really the most interesting thing about characters are their feelings. An easy way to introduce feelings to the physical aspects of the character/s you've created is to start with one of the facts and write about how your character feels about that fact.

Giving emotion to a character allows the writer to express them to the full - as  the emotion belongs to someone else your character can be as unreasonable as you like - angry, sad, funny, happy. Use the energy of your own feelings to strengthen your fictional character/s

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