Thursday, April 24, 2014


We had our last Writing Fiction (Characters) at the end of Marc in UCD's Carysfort Campus.As with the previous sessions, creativity buzzed and you could almost pick the dynamism of the characters from the walls. Well pleased we repaired to the restaurant for a well-deserved lunch, and sworn promises to continue writing every day. We needn't have worried about the latter because Elaine took it on herself to send all a reminder to write  every Wednesday morning.

I've all sorts of things happening: I'm giving one of my favouritely titled writing courses in the Irish Writers Centre on Saturdays May 17 and 24. Titled A NOVEL IDEA, all anyone needs to participate is their IDEA.

Secondly I'm in pre-launch run up to The Interview. It's both exciting and scary, though I'm happy with text love the cover and my publishers are relaxingly amenable.

To drag my reluctant self into the present time, I'm doing a lot of Social Media-ing. Twitter. LinkedIn, Website (I've had that for ages), 2 Blogs, Facebook and a separate Eileen Gray page. I look in awe at other writers and their apparently effortless facility for modestly hinting a their various activities. I've lots of help, a real expert posting for me and guiding me. I've tried, really tried, but suspect I blunderbuss in. To show I'm social media committed, here's cover of The Interview

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