Monday, May 19, 2014


Irish Times - How to Write Series - started today. It's written by Sinead Gleeson  whose creative finger is to be found in the majority of arts happenings. Looking into how to find the idea that can drive a novel, she interviews a series of writers.

Award winning writer, Emma Donoghue says, 'I'm not naturally good at plot,
so for my last four books, I've planned in advance what's going to happen in
each chapter and scene.'

Liz Nugent of Unravelling Oliver fame says, 'I began with a character Oliver was
 very clear to me. I listened intently to him even though I had no idea where I was
 going.' Liz started her book with a gripping sentence that draws the reader in:
'I expected more of a reaction the first time I hit her.'

Dermot Bolger maintains. 'Novels are not written with inspiration - they're written through boring, repetitive routine. They are ground out.' A lot of writers would agree with that. The most frequent mistake new writers make is sending out their novel too early, when it requires several more edits t reach today's standard of professionalism.

Winner of this years Pen/Faulkner Award, Karen Joy Fowler says she started with a historical event in which the motivations of the main player were puzzling to her. 'Why wold anyone do such a thing?' I asked myself, and started the book to answer that question.'

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