Monday, June 2, 2014


It's frequently said, indeed bemoaned, that the art of reading is being lost. Of necessity booksellers are becoming increasingly innovative. One small independent bookshop in North London has gained a devoted following of some 4,000 fans by tweeting about their customer, as reported in the Irish Daily Mail.

One customer was wandering around the shop apparently in a daze, picking up and dropping back books seemingly at random. When asked if he wanted help, he replied. 'No, I often come in here just to daydream.' Another when asked if he wanted a bag to carry the book he'd bought, replied, 'No, I'm going to find a tree, sit under it and read it now.' Another customer took an age to chose
two novels and when she finally came to the counter to pay, she was
beaming happily. 'That was complete bliss. Browsing in silence. A
 lost art.'

But as always it's the children's responses that really tug the heartstrings.
One little girl browsing a shelf of picture books was heard talking to herself.
 'I don't think you'd like this...And I know you'd love this one.' And what about the small boy who asked his mother while she was paying for his book, 'Can I read it as soon as we get home?'

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