Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Writing Fiction (Transformation) -  This Checklist compliments Structure of the process of change.:

1.  Does plot of transformation deal with of change as protagonist journeys through one of the many stages of life?
2.  Does the plot isolate a portion of the protagonist's life that represents the period of change, moving from 
one significant character state to another?

3.  Does story concentrate on the nature of

change and how it affects the protagonist from
 start to end of the experience?

4.  Does first dramatic phase relate the transforming incident propelling protagonist into a crisis, starting process of change?
5.  Does the second dramatic phase depict the effects of the
transformation?  Does it concentrate on the self-examination and
character of the protagonist?

6.  Does the third dramatic phase contain a clarifying incident

representing the final stage of the transformation?  Does the character understand the true nature of the experience and how it has affected him?  Does growth and understanding occur?

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